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‘GP misdiagnosis destroyed me,’ says east Hull man ‘now in agony’

A PATIENT says he has been left “devastated” after a GP misdiagnosed his condition.

Mr P visited his GP in east Hull on November 7 after suffering severe sweats, stomach pains and a high temperature for two days.

He said the doctor diagnosed him with a viral infection and gave him a prescription for painkillers.

But less than 48 hours later, Mr P, of east Hull, said he had to visit an emergency out-of-hours doctor after his condition did not improve.

He said he was told his kidneys were believed to be shutting down and was sent straight to the accident and emergency (A&E) department at Hull Royal Infirmary, where it was confirmed he had appendicitis.

Mr P said he was rushed to theatre for surgery and medics also believed he had septicaemia.

Now, he says he has taken advice from a solicitor and says the ordeal has scarred him emotionally, as well as physically.

Mr P, a father of four, said: “This has destroyed me.

“I am in agony and I keep bursting into tears.

“If I’d have died, the kids would have been left without a dad.

“I didn’t know how serious it was until they discharged me on Sunday because I would have gone to pieces if they had told me before.

“I’m absolutely devastated.”

Mr P, who owns a vehicle recovery company, has now made an official complaint to the practice manager and says he has sought advice from a solicitor over the possibility of taking legal action.

But he says he has yet to receive a reply to his complaint.

Mr P said despite his concerns over his diagnosis, he was overwhelmed by the care he received during his two-night stay in hospital.

“The staff at Hull Royal Infirmary were absolutely fantastic,” he said.

“My temperature was above 40C but the care was amazing.

“I can’t tell you how amazing the people on ward six were and the care when I walked into A&E was of such a professional standard.

“They are incredible people and I can’t thank them enough.”

A spokeswoman for the east Hull GP practice said it was “unable to comment on the matter for reasons of patient confidentiality”.