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Case Studies

Mr. X is misdiagnosed at local Hospital receives £475,000

Mr. X developed a throbbing headache and muffled hearing. Over the course of the next few days his symptoms worsened. He attended the out of hours GP clinic at his local Hospital and was seen by the Doctor who diagnosed him with otitis media and prescribed antibiotics. The following morning Mr.X fell unconscious. He was taken to Hospital where he was diagnosed with pneumococcal meningitis.

Mr T claims £825,000 for delay in treatment

Mr.T began suffering pain in his back and shoulder and went to Hospital. His condition worsened over the course of the next 48 hrs to the extent that he had no feeling or sensation from the waist downwards. One of our panel was instructed to make a claim for compensation on the basis that the MRI scan should have been undertaken earlier.

Mrs H claims £175,000 for failure to provide appropriate care

One of our panel was instructed to pursue a claim against a Primary Care Trust for failing to provide appropriate mental health care to Mrs H Husband.

Mr A claims £500,000 against GP for failing to diagnose

Mr A called his GP out to him home address on numerous occasions complaining of acute severe lower back pain. He had numbness in both legs and difficulty going to the toilet. The GP indicated he would arrange for an MRI scan. A few days later he was so concerned that his GP was failing to act promptly; he called an ambulance and was taken to hospital. An urgent MRI scan revealed that urgent surgery needed to be performed but the client was left with permanent nerve damage.

Mrs C awarded £30,000 for operation that went wrong

Mrs C underwent surgery for the removal of her gallbladder. During the procedure the she suffered an inadvertent injury to her gallbladder causing a bile leak. She had to be readmitted to hospital where an abdominal ultrasound confirmed she was suffering from a biliary leak. She underwent further surgery to allow the bile to flow. This subsequently had to be repeated on a further three occasions.

If you have suffered through a misdiagnosis, your condition wasn’t diagnosed and was left untreated or you were wrongly diagnosed, you may have been victim to clinical negligence.

Clinical negligence is on the rise and a recent study has exposed that it affects one in ten UK patients. Medical negligence covers a wide range of cases including, operation errors, misdiagnosis and failure of medical equipment.

Misdiagnosis is very serious. Health issues – which may have been easily treated – can become serious when left over time. An example of this is cancer. If you or someone you know has suffered from a misdiagnosis, they may have been victim to clinical negligence.

Expert Advice on Misdiagnosis

Although cases of misdiagnosis can be extremely damaging, they are a very common type of clinical negligence. Some examples of misdiagnosis clinical negligence: